Friday, 11 April 2008

a very nice story...

Two friends were traveling together through the desert,
and at one moment in their journey,
they quarreled over a foolish issue.
One turned around and slapped his partner on his face.
The other, quite offended, without uttering a word sat down and wrote on the sand:"
Today my best friend slapped me on the face!"
They kept their travels and finally arrived at on oasis where they decided to take a rest.
The one that had been slapped and offended quickly jumped in the water.
The water was dipper than he thought and,
not knowing how to swim, he began to drawn.
His friend,without a minute of hesitation,
ran to the shore, jumped in and swam to his rescue.
Pulling him out of water,
hechecked his breathing and took a towel and covered his friend's shoulders with it.
Once recovered from his near death experience,
the friend that had previously been slapped,
one more time sat on the sand near a large flat rock where he chiseled
: "Today my bestfriend saved my life!"
His friend quiet surprised asked him,
"Why did you first write in the sand that I slapped you but now
you chiseled in the rock that I saved your life?
With a big smile friend replied,"Whena good friend offends me,
I let changing sands of time erase the incident; but a good friend risks his life
or does something from his heart for me, I make sure that time does not erase it nor forget it."

well.. i think most of us have to learn from this story.. as i think many of us always forgot how our best fwen had treat us..
learn from this short story and i will continue to post more story.. hahas

Sunday, 6 April 2008

I ♥ my life now..
i ♥ you also..

Saturday, 5 April 2008

CAMP CRAFT GIRLS GOT 3RD IN SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo~
guys, nt bad lah..
so happie and sad at the same time..
no one to share the joy with me..

私たちは3日には、全体のシンガポールへ... woohoo 〜
전체에서 우리가 3 일 싱가포르 ...

Thursday, 3 April 2008

i miss those dayz when you are with me...
you held my hand and i held yours..
your words,you yourselve..
i just cant forget all of them.. whenever i see you..
even when i close my eye, i saw your images,
your very warm hand held my cold hand...
the warmth that that you gave me will never forget..
even though you did something terrible to me,
i dun really mind lerr..
all i wan is you..
i miss ya...
can we go back to derr past??
with you holding my hand and say something
that encourage me again??
will you??