Monday, 29 December 2008

hey peeps~
i am back~
the below pics is one of my most updated ones..
with extension to copper red hair to black..

haven been updating for times.. here is a brief update of my holidays..

did play ard with the dress..
this is one of my fav ones..

then.. Angela's wedding dinner..
chio rites..
she is my oldest cousin..
heng that day jam's is not there.. if not something will happen..
tried the RELAX CHOYA with royal honey..
15% alc..
no kik..
drink till like siao..
still no effect..
cause angela is there to drink with me~
no la..
cause mum trained me since young..
so.. i am not that easily drunk..

2008 ending soon..
hope all misunderstanding will be solved in year 2009..
a new year a new start.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

it have been quite a long time since i ever really post a NORMAL post..
for those who had saw me last week, i changed my hair color FOR FREE..
i feel like i am not so into a relationship since the last time..
nt confidence enough to face a new challenge. 
and i already shake off my emotion my feelings.
as in.. nt thinking of the past anymore..
thats what i should do in the first place right??
after suffering for so many month, its time for me to change.. 
time for me to let go.. time for me to prepare A ULTRA BIG SCOLDING SESSION FROM MY SCHOOL TEACHERS.
well i know the reason also la..
dint attend the counsellor camp..
no consent form.. no alert..
then went MIA..
ms baye called..
but, i dint even know there is a camp in school.. 
and after the ATC and the annual camp experiences, mum decided not to let me attend school camp anymore..
afraid that i will get sick again..
well.. i think she scolded ms baye.. 
cause if i am not wrong, Ms baye shouted @ my mum thinking that thats me on the line..
and of cause, my mum scream back @ her.. 
then when ms baye realized that the one on the phone is my mum, she kept quiet and let my mum lecture...
Ms Baye crap with her.. mum crap with ms baye.
if she do craps like this, i think mum will do something crazy to sack the teacher away...
either they all leave the school, or i leave....

back to my topics today..
its all about my feelings actually..
someone did something very terrible to me this year..
and to some of you, you all might not forgive the person..
but guess what?
i forgive them..=)
if a guy/girl eventually brk with you without a valid reason or have affairs with another person,
will you forgive them so easily??
i bet no right??
but you see..
we people have to forgive and forget..
like me.. XD
leaving in my own world with my stitch, piglet laptop and my N73.
and GOD!!
during all my hard-times, i only remember god but no one else..
but.. you will realized that when you are happy and when you are with someone you love very much, you eventually forget god..

now i think i am gonna blog about my relationship emotion here..
drop every thing here..
did go with quite a few numbers of guys.
meet both good and bad..
the good one will really take care of you when you are sick etc..
bad one will just went MIA and flirt with girls in front of you..
human are like this..
we all have both good and bad sides..
life seems so happy when you are with THOSE LOVE ONES..
but when the both of you quarrel and break, the girl will think this way..
thinking that the guy dun love her because of some crappy reason..
but once you cry, scream ,slid, and bite, we will be ok.. just good as new.. just that our emotion have been hurt for awhile.. so for guys who are reading my post, remember this..
if you hurt a girl, please dun leave her alone..
please go to her and tell her sorry.. tell her the reasons..
explain to her.. and nothing will happen.. please dun wait for her to realize.. or else, it will be too late..
after reading all the crap above..
i dun think you still get the picture right??

actually.. i dun get it to.. i just type any think i csn think of.
but thats the fact right??

haha any way, christmas is coming~
haha.. wish you a blessed christmas ya~
i wan prezzieeee

╱╳+     ▲╱  ╲ ╱╲ ☆         ☆     
╱╱ ◢◣+   ╳  ╲     ☆   
╱ +◢█◣  /    ╲☆   ☆  
☆ ◢██◣聖誕節  ˙˙˙ 
___▂▂█▂▂__預祝 聖誕節幸福快樂

Monday, 15 December 2008