Tuesday, 28 July 2009

i dunno how am i suppose to start.
dunno how am i suppose to type all my emotions down..
well.. you can considered me as EMOing
but frankly, I'm not..
Imagine this..
why is a fifteen year old girl still wide awake at this time??
aren't she sick??
why is she still wide awake???
actually.. many things is running in her mind..
she wanna say a lot of things..
just that she got no one to turn to..
someone asked me a question the other day..
asking me if i would patch back with either one of my ex or not..
but after much consideration, i dunno..
he have done many things that really can shock-ed my life..
so i really dunno eh..
he had a gf who is loving him now.. but.. he have been doing many things outside..
well i dont think it will be good if i telling others about their stories right??
back to me..
i really dunno..
wad if one day..
he ask me for patch.
shall i accept him??
wad if another guy who once love me soooo much and now dont even considered me as his ex ask me to be with him again??
shall i accept him??
wad if that guy who cheated me ask me back??(i know i'll never forgive that kind of F**K!!)
for wad you all should know..
my longest relationship is actually not tat long also..
but.. i always wanna make changes in life..
wanna find someone tat can really make me happy..
even if i have to wait and pay the price, i'll do that also..

從來沒想過 不能再和你牽手
委屈時候 沒有你
一切都是我 太過驕縱
一直忘了說 我有多感動

雖然 分開的理由
所以 即使到最後
還微笑著 要我加油

才會 在離開時
其實 這份愛沒停過

我多希望你 還在我左右

答應你 我會好好過
不讓 這些眼淚白流

i dun wan to shed my tears again.
promise me that you will lead your life well and treat the girl who love you soo much..
dont do anything bad..
she is such a good girl..
dont hurt her again ya??

with love,

Monday, 27 July 2009

鬼鬼病了快一个月了~大家有没有想我呀~ 有哦~

Friday, 24 July 2009

have been slacking with patricia and pups for the past few weeks.. and i might change my blog to those yahoo thingyy.. cause BLOGGER.COM is giving me problem.. let you all know asap ya??