Sunday, 13 March 2011

sry to all modelling photographers/ agent/ friends, my msn/ hotmail got HACKED and for those who need to contact me, please contact me via either my fb, blog @ or my yahoo mail @ THANKS!!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

oops... haven been updating my blog actually... was thinking of what i should blog in fact...
yea... took a week off from night life, but, another 1 week of daily sitting in bridal shop. sit for 9 hr, only $45. not really happy with the pay yet, i guess sitting in a bridal shop, sewing the silky white gowns might be the best for me...
have been struggling to decide if i were to take my N'lvls language paper this year. cause, i think if i were to take full paper, i will fail definitely. i dont have the time to memorise all the chemical formulae for science, long winded formulae for maths. maybe, i'll just take my combine humanities? social studies plus geography?
my chinese and english?
i seriously dunno...
and i'm struggling... seriously!
baby... help me pleaseee!!!