Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas is coming

Hey ya! Just wondering... How are you gonna celebrate Christmas? A year ago I receive my super big Asus laptop from bro and manda for Christmas! It actually happened like soooo crazy! He text me and asked me when is the last time he buy things for me eh! Ha! Amazing enough! Heehee!!! I must say, that is the most expensive gift I've received in my whole life! Thankful though! Heehee! This year... I'm not really sure how I wanna spent my Christmas!! Maybe a YouTube cover? Hmmm~
Well you see, girls are like this! They want everything! Handsome hunks, luxury bags, new gadgets! New set of Cosmetics... Anything and everything!
So What I want for Christmas?
I'm not asking much this year! I'm happy with my non camera iPhone right now, but still, I want a new phone... With camera.. Ha! So that I can spam pictures like crazy!!! Ha!
I shall wait till feb for my recontract of my phone! Heehee!
I shall be a good girl to save up money also! Jiayou!!!
Hmmm.. Guess I got nothing much to say in this post alr!!! Sooooo.... That's all for now:)

Merry Christmas! :)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

month of september 2012

Current feelings:SICK AND TIRED....
hey ya~
im diagnosed with very bad gastric flu on the first 2 weeks of sept.. that made me super sick, vomiting almost everyday, having diarrhoea every other days..
on the third week... 
same issue, but it got worst! i was referred to the A&E dept. how worst can it be?
vomiting oil, foam, food, or everything i ate at that period of time!
last week of sept...
doctor gave me 1 mth supply of gastric medication, 2 weeks supply of pain killers.
for the whole mth of sept,
ive been eating med.. with different colors.
from the usual white, i got pink, blue, yellow and green^^ 
seems stupid.. but... yea!
just 1 more mth, im turning 18! so yeap! i got no ideas what to do u know!
any ideas?
leave me a comment! ha

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

This is seriously no joke...

Yup! Just like what its on my title, this is seriously no joke... Well, for me at least... I got serious insomnia since yesterday night, and I even took sleeping pills! I actually expect myself to sleep like a pig by now and to wake up at 745am later. It seems like I can simply give up this thought and continue to play games to entertain myself until times up... Hais...

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

new blog template

just done with my new basic blog template:)
more to go~

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

im back:)

Hey ya! Can't remember when is the last time I blog also. But anyways... Yea:) I'm back! I'm currently using the iPhone blogger app to update my blog now and not sure if I can update pictures here:/
But anyways, just a brief update of my life ya? I'm currently working as a freelance make up artist and also a wedding and event planner:) earn quite alot for the make up side cause I always aim for those event and last min make up clients:) heehee!
Recently went for some casting and auditions for the next local productions. Also, more coming up:) haven't been taking photoshoots. Cause I rarely get paid shoots nowadays.. Oh well:/ at least I earn much through my make up job.
Maybe... I shouldn't talk so much for now, maybe... I should try if I can post pictures here:))