Tuesday, 10 April 2012

im back:)

Hey ya! Can't remember when is the last time I blog also. But anyways... Yea:) I'm back! I'm currently using the iPhone blogger app to update my blog now and not sure if I can update pictures here:/
But anyways, just a brief update of my life ya? I'm currently working as a freelance make up artist and also a wedding and event planner:) earn quite alot for the make up side cause I always aim for those event and last min make up clients:) heehee!
Recently went for some casting and auditions for the next local productions. Also, more coming up:) haven't been taking photoshoots. Cause I rarely get paid shoots nowadays.. Oh well:/ at least I earn much through my make up job.
Maybe... I shouldn't talk so much for now, maybe... I should try if I can post pictures here:))