Sunday, 31 March 2013


I went back to pub to work, met many different people from different background. From the rich to normal person, People Waiting for enlistment, very emotional girls, people who can't drink yet wanna drink, what ever u can think of. I really do believe in this phrase 人不可貌相, in English, never judge a book by its cover. Everyone is different. Just like you and me.
I've met genius, 歌神, very emotional people while working! Not to mention, awesome people too! The one who really care, the one who tells me not to give up On things that don't come easily. The one who made me believe in myself, gave me the attention I want, build my self esteem, make it higher... I gotta admit.. I'm quite a complicated girl. I just wanna get away from all this shit and cuddle in bed. BLAH BLAH BLAH~
其實上面講醬多,也沒有用〜 我只想擺脫掉一切,從新開始!but den.... it seems so difficult.
i really don't dare to open myself into a new relationship... I'm just kinda waiting for the right person to appear... hmm... maybe... i should take this time and have a good rest, enjoy myself...

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Octopus and jellyfish

I think... Octopus were kinda cute... Jellyfish too! What do you think? Hahha.. Okay... I'm bored...
Here's a pic of me during CNY2013:) day 1! Lovesss