Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Fucked up

I cried. Feeling so fucked up again.. Yet I don't know why. All I felt was just pain inside me.. Not really sure about the reason though... It hurts somehow. Somehow I feel that things died down.. The bond, the relationship..
Indeed. I felt lonely. I really do feel that you changed somehow.. You're not the one that I know.. 或者應該說,我們對彼此的瞭解其實也沒有很深...
It's all my fault.. Cause we started off to fast... When The basic is not really there yet... But I can't let alone this feeling too! Cause its no longer my problem or yours.. It's OUR problem.. We gotta really face it and stop avoiding like kids do! (though I'm 1 still)
Ahhh... Enough of ranting...
What ever it is.. Just to let you guys know.. Or rather.. Just a reminder... This is my blog, I can say what ever I want.. And I'm a girl still! So don't be a idiot and totally forget about this!

And puipui! If you happen to read this post.. Just to let u know, at times when I start to cry, I don't need anything, all I need, is just a hug..